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Art today is often a parade of the self. The Freer Gallery of Art presents objects by medieval artists who plunge you into the world by removing you from it.

6/22/2022 12:20:45 PM

The brainchild of Opal Lee, the institution will be part of an economic development project aimed at revitalizing the city’s Historic Southside neighborhood.

6/19/2022 2:41:33 PM

After a lengthy closure during the pandemic, the Upper East Side institution has begun the first major phase of a $200 million plan to redevelop its campus.

6/19/2022 9:00:12 AM

The audacious artist transforms seaborne plastics into maritime art at the Brooklyn Museum, driving home his message about their devastating environmental impact.

6/16/2022 1:14:50 PM

Organizers of the international art exhibition in Germany said they would remove a work after diplomats and lawmakers said it contained antisemitic images.

6/22/2022 9:29:23 AM
Simpson, Rose B (1983- )

“Clay was the earth that grew our food, was the house we lived in, was the pottery we ate out of and prayed with,” says the Native American sculptor and rising star.

6/16/2022 12:40:57 PM

Four artists created stories of resilience from the traumatic histories of ancestors, on view at the Ford Foundation Gallery.

6/15/2022 1:09:42 PM

Al-An deSouza’s digital paintings at Talwar; Robyn O’Neil’s graphite drawings at Susan Inglett; Terry Adkins at Paula Cooper; Tyree Guyton’s ‘Heidelberg Project’ comes to New York.

6/15/2022 12:45:43 PM
Interior Design and Furnishings

This month’s iteration of the Milan furniture fair brought straw baskets, paper lanterns, color-blocked carpets and more.

6/17/2022 3:19:44 PM

In the first full in-person fair in its usual June slot since 2019, Art Basel saw numerous big-ticket items sell, including a $40 million Louise Bourgeois spider.

6/16/2022 2:23:29 PM